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QuickBooks Training
     Here are a few examples of training topics:

  • Entering invoices, processing credit memos and recording bad checks. 
  • Recording payments so you don’t end up with unapplied payments or incorrect customer balances.
  • Using undeposited funds properly to avoid double booked income.
  • Entering and paying bills so that they tie to each other and you don’t end up having an overstated amount in accounts payable.
  • Recording inventory to ensure the cost of goods sold and inventory account has correct balances. 
  • Understanding what items are and how they work to obtain accurate financial data and detailed reports. 
  • Tracking customer deposits, income and expenses by job and expense reimbursements.
  • Setting up online banking to download transactions into QuickBooks.
  • Reconciling bank, loan and credit card accounts.
  • Recording transactions to get an income statement and balance sheet by class. 
  • Generating, customizing and reading financial reports so you can see where your business stands and identify areas for improvement.
  • Learning the common areas where the changes you make can result in troubleshooting and clean up.
  • Understanding the importance of closing your books and not making changes to prior periods.

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